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Anokye Krom

African- American Restaurant 


About Us

Anokyekrom....... a vision and a concept that evolved into reality. The vision, coined from the gradual growth of the diasporas African, called for the need to provide a Haven where one can sit and enjoy a nice hot exotic/traditional meal and somehow wash it down with a local drink.

21 years later today, travelers from all walks of life visiting the Northeast Region have the burning and un-quenchable desire to make a stop over at Anokyekrom just to be part of the uncountable numbers of guests that frequents or make a pit stop there to satisfy the deficiencies in their growing bodies. The nature of the meals served here are mostly traditional African dishes made up with spices and more. European and other ethnic meals are served as well upon demands.

With two locations due to the expansions and capacity of customers, Anokyekrom can be located 2 Coes Square, right off of Park Avenue, directly across the street of Scrub a Dub car wash in the Commerce Bank Plaza.

The other location lies there at the upscale end of the road that links the City of Providence with the second largest city in New England Worcester, the Restaurant sits on the North side of the Highway 146, at 687 Millbury Street, Worcester Massachusetts.




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